Love Natural Skincare

Why natural cosmetics?
Because nobody has discovered anything better than nature itself. After years and years of using everything chemical nowadays we observe that allover the world fashion is for everything what’s real not fake , natural not chemical .
Not only old home remedies and cosmetics has been rediscovered but also companies putting a lots of hard work and efforts to master natural noninvasive methods creating everything the best from the plants. More often we’re looking for more traditional ways of beauty regime , simply because only what’s natural its safe this days. Ingredients in natural cosmetics should be free from any harsh perfumes , colorants or preservatives. Plant components in natural cosmetics should come from controlled farms where only natural ways has been used to grow the plants which means they should be free from any chemical waste.
The closer to the nature means better product , but i am sure you already know that 13627243_1707474392837943_2550683889218194883_n


L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch


Another Bzzcampaign I was very exited about , as I do colour my hair and just started going grey I thought this will be a perfect solution for me .

When I first used Magic Retouch I was quite impressed with the results, how well mine roots were covered (just to mention that my roots were very small ). In the past I have tried dry shampoo with the touch of colour but I found it looking too yellow and also had flakes of yellow powder on my scalp which didn’t look very attractive. And to be honest I thought Magic Retouch will have similar effect, but to mine surprise I was wrong, after usage there were no residue and no flakes falling off my hair ,  the packaging is nice and compact and it can be taken anywhere easy fits in the handbag, it’s very easy to use, simply shake it up a little and spray it onto your roots  .  But sadly  over time as my roots has grown bit more , mine opinion has changed .At the beginning  of the campaign my roots were small and magic Retouch did worked well for me, but now my roots are much bigger and unfortunately after using magic Retouch I don’t see that my roots are magically disappearing , just looking more yellow/brown ish   . I think this is a good product for ladies with dark hair where roots don’t have to be discoloured like mine ,  my friends who have dark hair and used the different shades of the same product  said that it does work perfectly well on greys , but  have only one let down, it can be very messy, so it’s okay if you have using it at home, but could be a problem if you are on the night out and need a touch up this is certainly not recommended 😒 an less you take a towel with you to cover yourself up , but that just wouldn’t make sense , would it ?  I would give it 2.5 out of 5 * . In my opinion Magic Retouch needs lots of improvement especially on the light shades .

And this is the effect of Magic Retouch


Sure compressed – experiment

Couple of weeks ago I joined another BzzAgent campaign , this time I have been sent 2 deodorants antiperspirants in the form of aerosol .

First can of Sure its 250 ml , the second can its a 125 ml can of compressed Sure .

The whole experiment is about comparing both   cans how long they will last , in theory the Sure compressed 125 ml can suppose to last just as long as the big 250 ml can . The main reason behind this is that sure want to reduce amount of packaging and gas they are using to produce the big cans . I have been given instructions to use both cans every day with the difference of use big can under my right arm and than spray Sure compressed under my left arm .


When I first received an invitation to Sure campaign I was very excited because I didn’t have one for a while and also curious about the whole challenge. Recently I have been using roll on Sure deodorant also cotton fresh, but I also used compressed cans of invisible aqua fresh which were very good and effective. Never tryied to compare the big can with compressed until now, but first I want to say how unimpressed I am with effectiveness of the both deodorants, I use them just as I’ve been asked big can under right arm and compressed under left. As soon as I use I the with both of deodorants the gas is so irritating that I can’t breathe I have to hold my breath until I finish my routine otherwise I cough and choke like someone with long problems, after dreadful 20 seconds I can breathe again but I have leave the bathroom. The effectiveness isn’t as good as I was expecting, I work in the busy restaurant and I can’t afford to worry about my smell especially when being in contact with diners, unfortunately Sure has failed to keep me fresh trough my shift and I had to reapply it couple of times while working. If it comes to which can last longer I think in my case probably the big one, because I take compressed deo with me to work its convenient because of the smaller size, and only just after one week of usage I can tell that small can will run out quicker. I can understand why Sure decided to create a compressed can, everybody this days are trying to make a difference to the our Planet earth and it is a beautiful cause but I think that Sure should also concentrate on other aspects of the product like effectiveness and irritating gas.

Another annoying  thing was terrible white powder after use , I am sure there is a way to improve that , because it is not very attractive when you walk around wearing black T-shirt and some white flakes are flying out of your underarms .


  I have done little bit of research on aerosol deodorants and I don’t think in any way they are not harming our environment. Another sad thing I also found out that Unilever which produces Sure does products testing on animals, which for me completely doesn’t seem to make sense on one side they claim that they want to protect environment but on the other hand animals have to suffer from their hands I think this is not Wright my lovely people. If it comes to the experiment which can will last longer in my case the big can wins, my compressed can is almost empty. One big disappointment. Sorry Sure I won’t be using compressed or any aerosol deodorants that’s for sure.

Fish, Fish, Fish

Some of the most healthy nations in the world consume a huge amount of fish. In UK, though, I don’t think we eat enough fish or do enough to promote it,  especially when you consider that we live on the island. I think there are two major factors: 1 – that people can often be too scared to have a go at cooking fish, 2- is that fish isn’t sold fresh enough. When it comes to buying fish it’s very simple :if it smells of the sea and looks nice and shiny and beautiful,  than you should want to buy it.
I really want to encourage you all to eat more oily fish as it’s so good for you. Oily fish like ( salmon, fresh tuna, herrings, kippers, mackerel and sardines)  provide a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. These omega oils are crucial for keeping us healthy – they not only help to protect our hearts, but also help prevent strokes and some forms of cancer,  as well helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Some research even suggest that omega 3 can improve kids concentration, moods and behaviour. 
And please don’t think that non oily fish without omega oils, such as plaice and haddock,  are off the menu. They contain high levels of proteins vitamins and minerals, and are very good for you. 

Give homes to migrants

We are told this country is so overcrowded that we have no room.
But how many council properties are there across the country that we are void,  empty because they don’t meet the standards expected by people on the council waiting lists?
If refugees were offered these properties I suspect their expectations would be much lower than many that have already refused them.
The problem than, of course is the lack of facilities available to support refugees,  school, health services etc.
The Government is committed to squeeze these services even further.
The number of refugees coming into this country will not impact on services the way that Government cuts will.

Green Beans With Coconut

In this recipe has been used desiccated coconut,  but if you can buy fresh coconut that’s better. Simply pierce a hole in the Shell and drain off the milk,  than crack the shell open with a hammer and dig out the flesh. Grate the flesh finely on a conical or box grater – you will find it sweeter and juicier than desiccated coconut.
You need –
700g fresh or frozen green beans or mange tout
– Salt
-1 Onion
-50g butter or margarine
-50g desiccated coconut
-Freshly ground pepper
-3 table spoons chopped fresh parsley
Cook the beans in boiling salted water for 10 minutes,  or 3 minutes for fresh tout ( for frozen vegetables follow packet instructions),  meanwhile,  finely chop the onion. Heat the butter in the small pan,  add the onion and cook gently until softened stirring occasionally.
Increase heat and add coconut and fry for 2 -3 minutes until golden. Season and mix in parsley. Drain beans and spoon into a serving dish and sprinkle over coconut mixture. Serve immediately.  I normally serve this as a side dish works lovely with  baked chicken and new potatoes.


Advanced Génifique – Lancome

I Feel Rejuvenated In Just 2 Weeks
My favorite thing about this product is the fast-effects and smooth sensation after using this product on first 2 days
I’ve been using this serum for about 2 weeks and 2 days when I’m writing this review.
At first, I received a sample of Advanced Genifique (7 ml) from buying Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume, along with the sample of UV Expert XL-Shield SPF 50 PA+++.
And then I decided to use the sample of Advanced Genifique twice a day, in the morning before I put my make up on and in the night before I go to sleep after washed my face clean.
On the first 2 days, you can feel that your face skin’s becoming more tighter than before. On the 1st week, you can feel your face and neck skin is getting smooth and tighter. And now, on my 2nd week, I feel rejuvenated; my face skin’s pore seems like smaller, my face and neck skin is lifted, and also very very smooth.
I really love the sensation and the fast-effects of Advanced Genifique.
My boyfriend loved to touch and caress my cheeks and said how smooth is my skin now compared to before 😉
So, after using the 7ml sample, I decided to buy Advanced Genifique 20ml size.
Thank you so much, Advanced Genifique.. You are the best! Highly recommended product

Chia & flax Biogland Superfoods – great way to sneak in extra goodness to your diet

I  have chosen  this product to test as I had no idea what it was, and love trying out new things! I also liked the look of the recipes online. Unfortunately I wanted to make cookies with it, but my oven broke at the weekend so I was thinking what could I do with this product??? Sunday night my friend came round for dinner & I thought id use it then. First impressions were good – upon reading the health benefits of it, packed with goodness I was excited to have it in my cupboard. The packaging was made of card so its easily recyclable which I liked, and thought it looked good with the pictures on the front. Very vibrant. The product didn’t really smell of much upon opening, but it had a grainy texture – obviously being seeds. I did think to myself its a bit pricey for how much you get – but as it was free this time I was happy. Because of the texture of it, I had a feeling it’d be great to add to fish – sort of give a soft fillet some crunch… so I decided to try it with salmon. I mixed together cooked gluten free pasta tubes, two fried flaked salmon steaks and some red pesto. I then added the Chia & Flaxseed in & it looked great. Te product gave it some extra texture and a nice finish. I served it on a mixed green salad, and I have to say it was delicious. It gave the dish a crunchy texture which as I suspected – complimented the soft salmon. And my friend even mentioned it – so Id chosen well. It’s a simple dish but quick & very easy to make. And if you’re gluten free & ferment-able carbohydrate free (like me) its a great way to get extra goodness into your diet. I’m giving this product a thumbs up. And as soon as I can get too an oven i’ll be trying the cookies out! Its great that its so versatile… I doubt it’ll be in my cupboard for long!

Yummy Pizza with Tesco Finest Cheese

I received my Orchard Pack to review some of Tesco’s finest chhese. In the Orchard Pack was £3 voucher for myself and 3 £1 vouchers to give to family and friends. I went to Tesco and bought Extra Mature Somerset Cheddar which was free with the voucher. This was the first time I bought Tesco finest product, so we decided to make spicy chicken pizza at home. So I went out again to buy the ingredients for Pizza. To make the Pizza topping we used pre cooked chicken, chillies green and red peppers red onion and coriandee, mozzarella and the mature cheddar. The Pizza turned out delicious!! The cheddar has a lot of flavour not to stong and not to mild, just perfect. My family  loved the extra mature flavour, I will definitely buy this again. I will be making my mum pizza next week when she uses her voucher. The Tesco finest price was not too high as I was expecting. It was a huge hit in our house so I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.