Le Volume De Chanel Mascara – Review


Recently I have received a sample  Le Volume De Chanel Mascara  which came packaged in an elegant  cardboard box .

I really like my lashes to look full and long, and rely on a good mascara to achieve this look – my own lashes are less than impressive in their natural state – and so I was eager to try this product. I have owned a few pieces of Chanel make-up in the past, although it’s a long time since I’ve treated myself to anything from this premium cosmetics brand.

Whenever I receive a lovely treat like this, I always Google the product to find out more about it, and to check the price. I was quite astonished to discover that a full-size mascara (6g) costs a whopping £25, and I thought that Le Volume Mascara must be staggeringly good to warrant such a high price.

Having taken a look at Chanel’s website so that I could see the full-sized product, I was able to see the simple and elegant packaging of this mascara – a long black tube with the word ‘Chanel’ on the front. I am assuming that the back of the tube (or the outer carton) will give information about how long this product lasts after opening, but I’m afraid my sample size does not show this. It simply gives the name of the product and the colour – in my case it was ‘90 Ultra  Noir ’. I checked some online images for the full-size product, and could see that it comes packaged in a black cardboard box with a gold-coloured edge at the base.

I was interested to read Chanel’s own description of the brush, as I had found it quite unusual – although very effective. The brush is flexible, and its fibres vary in length – some short, some long – in a sort of angled helter-skelter pattern. This helps ensure that each lash is thoroughly coated. The tip of the wand is slightly pointed, so you can use that to define each lash if you wish. According to Chanel: ‘The brush creates volume thanks to its smart design of snowflake shaped disks that are stacked and oriented for an ideal finish.

Before trying the mascara, I first applied a light coat of pressed face powder to my eyelids and lashes, after that I applied eye shadow follow by eye liner . Then I opened the potentially magic little tube and  I was pleased to see that no excess mascara came out with the wand, although if this does happen, simply wipe the excess away on the neck of the tube as you remove the wand.  I always apply my mascara using a technique I came across when reading beauty  blogs .Holding the mascara wand at the base of my lashes, I wiggle the wand up – three strokes towards the inner corner of my eye, and three strokes to the outer corner. Then I sometimes go over each lash with the tip of the wand to give greater definition.


The mascara initially felt quite thick and wet, but it was easy to apply, was not  messy and dried quickly. After applying the first coat of Le Volume, I was slightly disappointed to find that although my lashes were definitely longer and more curled, they also had a slightly ‘spidery’ look, which is something I normally associate with the Maybelline mascaras I have tried in the past. It’s not a look I care for, as I prefer my lashes to look full and thick rather than long and spidery. However, a second coat soon made my lashes look little bit  thicker  . After wearing it for whole evening on Saturday I came home and my eyelids were covered with prints and smudges  of my mascara I was extremely disappointed  as I was not expecting that from  such a brad like CHANEL , it took me an ages to wash it off . :{

Overall LE VOLUME DE CHANEL isn’t what I was expecting and I had a high expectations if it comes to CHANEL as it is a World Class brand and not cheap in any way . I am sure there are many Ladies who love this product but I will not be buying it that’s for sure,  just because lives the prints and smudges  having said that I would love to try the waterproof version see hoe it works . :}

Garnier UltraLift – 14 day Challenge

Not long ago I have received an email form Garnier that they putting into the test their Anti wrinkle day cream – Ultra Lift Complete Beauty , Firming and Radiance Boosting .

I love trying new products so I decided to join the 14 day Ultra Lift Challenge , it was easy to apply just needed to fill the form online and wait . I had to quiet long time due to high product  demand but never mind it has arrived  well packed in the form of 14 single sachets . I was very exited and couldn’t wait to get started , although I have to say at the age of almost 39 I don’t really have many wrinkles but I still wanted to see if my skin will improve in any way .
We are told that this cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and that there is proven results after 2 weeks, I am not so sure about that promise, purely because I didn’t have any wrinkles to start with but I was pleased with the product. The anti wrinkle cream  is white colour and really smooth in texture and pleasant fragrance and as soon as I applied it onto my skin I could feel little tingling sensation I believe that is a good it means  ITS WORKING :}  . The cream is also really easy to apply to the face and neck area and doesn’t leave you with any sort of greasy texture. I was pleased that you also only needed a small amount and it would move around my skin really well.

The moisturiser left my skin feeling really soft and subtle and it felt like it had more movement in it. I saw no difference from using more expensive moisturisers to this one , so I was pleased with qualities that the cream had. As I mentioned above, I have not really used this long enough to see what it does with regard to the wrinkles but I do know that as an everyday cream I would be happy to recommend it.  A the price of £9.99 its a bargain

Garnier Ultralift2

Thumbs UP from me Garnier :}