I  have chosen  this product to test as I had no idea what it was, and love trying out new things! I also liked the look of the recipes online. Unfortunately I wanted to make cookies with it, but my oven broke at the weekend so I was thinking what could I do with this product??? Sunday night my friend came round for dinner & I thought id use it then. First impressions were good – upon reading the health benefits of it, packed with goodness I was excited to have it in my cupboard. The packaging was made of card so its easily recyclable which I liked, and thought it looked good with the pictures on the front. Very vibrant. The product didn’t really smell of much upon opening, but it had a grainy texture – obviously being seeds. I did think to myself its a bit pricey for how much you get – but as it was free this time I was happy. Because of the texture of it, I had a feeling it’d be great to add to fish – sort of give a soft fillet some crunch… so I decided to try it with salmon. I mixed together cooked gluten free pasta tubes, two fried flaked salmon steaks and some red pesto. I then added the Chia & Flaxseed in & it looked great. Te product gave it some extra texture and a nice finish. I served it on a mixed green salad, and I have to say it was delicious. It gave the dish a crunchy texture which as I suspected – complimented the soft salmon. And my friend even mentioned it – so Id chosen well. It’s a simple dish but quick & very easy to make. And if you’re gluten free & ferment-able carbohydrate free (like me) its a great way to get extra goodness into your diet. I’m giving this product a thumbs up. And as soon as I can get too an oven i’ll be trying the cookies out! Its great that its so versatile… I doubt it’ll be in my cupboard for long!

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