Some of the most healthy nations in the world consume a huge amount of fish. In UK, though, I don’t think we eat enough fish or do enough to promote it,  especially when you consider that we live on the island. I think there are two major factors: 1 – that people can often be too scared to have a go at cooking fish, 2- is that fish isn’t sold fresh enough. When it comes to buying fish it’s very simple :if it smells of the sea and looks nice and shiny and beautiful,  than you should want to buy it.
I really want to encourage you all to eat more oily fish as it’s so good for you. Oily fish like ( salmon, fresh tuna, herrings, kippers, mackerel and sardines)  provide a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. These omega oils are crucial for keeping us healthy – they not only help to protect our hearts, but also help prevent strokes and some forms of cancer,  as well helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Some research even suggest that omega 3 can improve kids concentration, moods and behaviour. 
And please don’t think that non oily fish without omega oils, such as plaice and haddock,  are off the menu. They contain high levels of proteins vitamins and minerals, and are very good for you. 

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