Getting Fruity with Alberto


Its great to be an BzzAgent  , This time I was invited to Alberto Balsam campaign trio of shampoo , conditioner and detangler . This is a new design from Alberto Balsam collection , I am not sure about the price because so far I have not seen this products in the shops and I looked in Boots and Supermarkets , but as far as I remember Alberto Balsam products were never very expensive I used to pay £1 for bottle of shampoo   I think that’s very cheap .

My first impression of the a Alberto Balsam trio was wonderful, such a classic well designed bottles, I love the bright colours on the white background . As a first I tried shampoo, and I have to say I am impressed, the texture it’s thick and creamy but easy enough to extract the liquid, as soon as I spread shampoo all-over my hair the lovely fragrance is realised very sweet and fruity with little bit of zest I love it. The shampoo foams beautifully which gives me a feeling that it gets everywhere leaving my hair nice and clean. It easy to rinse off and my hair are soft and clean after styling they last at least 2  days, and  they smell great 👍

After using the matching conditioner which also has a lovely camellia and orange scent I pour a large dollop of the quite thick cream into the palm of my hand. The orange scent is quite evident and I enjoy the fruity fragrance as I massage it through my hair and leave it to work for a couple of minutes. It smooth’s  easily through my hair and it also easily washed out leaving the fruity fragrance behind. My opinion. After use my hair feels much softer and looks healthy and shiny and remains so for about two days after which it gets washed again. I wish the fragrance stayed a little longer as the next day it has gone but my hair still feels good. I think this is a good conditioner that doesn’t promise to change your world but gives you soft and shiny hair with colour boost . I would definitely recommend Alberto Balsam conditioner to anyone who loves fruity feeling . 5 out of 5 stars from me .

Next one up is detangler

I have to say, the smell of this product is a mixed blessing and curse. It’s a very sweet, perhaps slightly to sweet its defiantly stronger than shampoo and conditioner . I don’t particularly mind the smell on his own , but it does linger on the hair and clashes with many of my favourite perfumes. I find that three or four squirts on the hair is enough to enable the brush to glide through much more smoothly with much less snagging and pulling on the brush. I do find I have less hair breakage when using this than I do with just brushing alone . I find as well as working well for detangling, it does leave my hair feeling slightly softer throughout the day, without weighing it down, although it can make my hair feel a little lank and greasy if I’m heavy handed in the application, and it doesn’t really do anything to add shine, reduce frizz or to condition my hair in any way. This is a decent product for detangling , but would be even better if there were other benefits from it like for example detangling and conditioning at the same time .

Personally I don’t think detangler is the product I will be buying in the future I just don’t see the point , but I really  love  shampoo and conditioner .