Lime and avocado salsa 😍

Summer is very hot this year and I am enjoying fresh salads and salsas so much. One of my favourites is this super simple Lime and avocado salsa it goes perfectly well with the fish or chicken.

1 ripe avocado, diced

1 cucumber finally chopped

1/2 small red onion , finally chopped

2 red chillies, seeded and finally chopped

Handful of coriander leaves

2 tablespoons of lime juice

4 tablespoons of olive oil

1 lime

Put the avocado in the bowl with cucumber, onion , chilli , coriander,lime juice and olive oil .

Using a sharp knife cut the top of the base off the lime sit lime on the chopping board and run the knife down all sides , removing the skin and pith .Run the knife between the membranes to release the lime segments, then finally chopp them and gently stir them into the salsa be careful not too mash the avocado. Enjoy

If you give it a go let me know what you think 😘

Love Natural Skincare

Why natural cosmetics?
Because nobody has discovered anything better than nature itself. After years and years of using everything chemical nowadays we observe that allover the world fashion is for everything what’s real not fake , natural not chemical .
Not only old home remedies and cosmetics has been rediscovered but also companies putting a lots of hard work and efforts to master natural noninvasive methods creating everything the best from the plants. More often we’re looking for more traditional ways of beauty regime , simply because only what’s natural its safe this days. Ingredients in natural cosmetics should be free from any harsh perfumes , colorants or preservatives. Plant components in natural cosmetics should come from controlled farms where only natural ways has been used to grow the plants which means they should be free from any chemical waste.
The closer to the nature means better product , but i am sure you already know that 13627243_1707474392837943_2550683889218194883_n

From The Beehive



I have used this product for over 2 years and cannot find the words to adequately explain how good it is. I used it for long hard outdoors workouts three times a week to keep my peak performance at optimal levels. Nothing is as healthy and concentrated in super high quality protein and energy so you have less blood used for utilizing it and more blood to keep oxygen levels up. Not all bee products are the same, and the kind you get at the local unmentioned health store just do not work very good at all. Different locations give different pollens to gather. This brand gathers the pollen in pollution free dry desert so it is pure and pollution free. The types of pollen gathered there makes it unique and potent.

Since earliest times, the bee has fascinated man with its examples of industry and organisation, producing the bountiful gifts of honey, royal jelly, bee Pollen and Propolis.
What is BEE POLLEN ?
Is the male fertilising component of plant reproduction. Bees gather and bring it back to their hives for food. Without Pollen, plants, trees and flowers could not exist, even we depend on it.
Bee Pollen provides a wide spectrum of essential nutrients. Each is required to maintain perfect health.
The nutrients in bee Pollen are readily digestible and easy absorbed by the human body. Many people obtain benefit, including athletes who take it for stamina and energy. In addition, bee Pollen has number of specific benefits:
* can help to correct body chemistry and so counteract the effects of food additives and 

* it can desensitise the body, making it a good supplement
*it is also bacteriostatic, suppressing the activity of bacteria and increases the effective elimination of wastes and poisons from the body.
Bee Pollen also contains lecithin, which occurs naturally in all cells. Thus it aids in digestion and the metabolism of fats, and improves the efficiency of immune and nervous system.

Sure compressed – experiment

Couple of weeks ago I joined another BzzAgent campaign , this time I have been sent 2 deodorants antiperspirants in the form of aerosol .

First can of Sure its 250 ml , the second can its a 125 ml can of compressed Sure .

The whole experiment is about comparing both   cans how long they will last , in theory the Sure compressed 125 ml can suppose to last just as long as the big 250 ml can . The main reason behind this is that sure want to reduce amount of packaging and gas they are using to produce the big cans . I have been given instructions to use both cans every day with the difference of use big can under my right arm and than spray Sure compressed under my left arm .


When I first received an invitation to Sure campaign I was very excited because I didn’t have one for a while and also curious about the whole challenge. Recently I have been using roll on Sure deodorant also cotton fresh, but I also used compressed cans of invisible aqua fresh which were very good and effective. Never tryied to compare the big can with compressed until now, but first I want to say how unimpressed I am with effectiveness of the both deodorants, I use them just as I’ve been asked big can under right arm and compressed under left. As soon as I use I the with both of deodorants the gas is so irritating that I can’t breathe I have to hold my breath until I finish my routine otherwise I cough and choke like someone with long problems, after dreadful 20 seconds I can breathe again but I have leave the bathroom. The effectiveness isn’t as good as I was expecting, I work in the busy restaurant and I can’t afford to worry about my smell especially when being in contact with diners, unfortunately Sure has failed to keep me fresh trough my shift and I had to reapply it couple of times while working. If it comes to which can last longer I think in my case probably the big one, because I take compressed deo with me to work its convenient because of the smaller size, and only just after one week of usage I can tell that small can will run out quicker. I can understand why Sure decided to create a compressed can, everybody this days are trying to make a difference to the our Planet earth and it is a beautiful cause but I think that Sure should also concentrate on other aspects of the product like effectiveness and irritating gas.

Another annoying  thing was terrible white powder after use , I am sure there is a way to improve that , because it is not very attractive when you walk around wearing black T-shirt and some white flakes are flying out of your underarms .


  I have done little bit of research on aerosol deodorants and I don’t think in any way they are not harming our environment. Another sad thing I also found out that Unilever which produces Sure does products testing on animals, which for me completely doesn’t seem to make sense on one side they claim that they want to protect environment but on the other hand animals have to suffer from their hands I think this is not Wright my lovely people. If it comes to the experiment which can will last longer in my case the big can wins, my compressed can is almost empty. One big disappointment. Sorry Sure I won’t be using compressed or any aerosol deodorants that’s for sure.

Clinique Perfect Trio

The Clinique Liquid Facial Soap is Step 1 in their “3-Step” skincare range and is basically designed to cleanse your face and prep your skin for the use of the other 2 Products in the cycle. This cleanser is available in different “types” according to your skin type (as with most Clinique Products) these are;

Extra Mild (Skin Type 1)
Mild (Skin Type 1 & 2)
Oily (Skin Type 3 & 4)

Personally I opted for the Mild type as parts of my skin are Oily but I also have areas that are quite dry. Considering this Facial wash is quite expensive compared to what I normally spend on Beauty Products, I was hoping for the best results possible to get my money’s worth.

The bottle has a “Press Pump” lid which you do have to pump a few times when you first use it to get the Liquid up to the top of the bottle. My first time using this I think I applied a little too much to my hands so when I was washing my face with the Liquid combined with Water my face was extremely bubble and soapy! So you really do only need a small amount because this products lathers really well, which is great because it means it lasts longer!

The Liquid has such a Clean and Fresh smell and the smell stays on your face too so I felt really cleansed and fresh after using it. I truly felt as though my face had had a Deep clean with all imperfections removed, I was impressed. Most importantly though, this didn’t dry my skin out and make it feel as though it had been stripped of its natural moisture.

I can honestly say that this Facial Soap along with the 2 other products in the range (Clarifying Lotion & Moisturiser) are the best products I’ve used on my face, they are worth the extra money and I actually find they last me quite a while before I need to buy them again.

The 200ml bottle if this Cleanser is £13 but you can get the set with all 3 Products which will usually cost a bit less than buying all 3 separately.

The Clinique Clarifying Lotion is another product in the “3-Step” skincare range and this product is “Step 2”. The idea is to use this lotion after cleansing your face and before applying moisturiser. The lotion was developed by Clinique’s own Dermatologists to help “de-flake” dry skin which in theory will make your moisturiser work better and your skin even smoother.

I used a ball of cotton wool to sweep the lotion all over my face, only in moderation though because I found that if I used too much of the lotion the Chemically smell was very strong and even stung my face a little bit. The lotion does come out of the bottle quite fast so you need to be careful when pouring it out, because I only used a smell amount of this each day the lotion lasted me quite a long time.

I have to say I was impressed with the smoothness of my skin after using this, there was a noticeable difference after applying this compared to when I just apply my moisturiser only. In effect it is making the job of the moisturiser a lot easier as a lot of the dryness and flakiness of your skin is already improved by this lotion. I also found that the lotion had similar effects to a Toner, the colour and tone of my skin was a lot more even and much less blotchy which was a bonus.

There are different “Numbers” of this lotion available such as Number 1 – for very Dry skin and this one Number 2 – for dry combination skin (perfect for me since my skin has a combination of textures). Overall I was impressed with this products as long as I didn’t apply too much at one it was very gentle on my skin.

The 200ml bottle is £14
The 400ml bottle is £23

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ is the third step in the Clinique skincare plan. The products are now available in different types/strengths according to your skin type.  for mine combination skin, tight and uncomfortable around the cheek area and comfortable around the t-zone, and use strength 2/mild products.

What I particularly like about this moisturiser is the pump dispenser which is so much nicer to use than dipping your fingers in and out of pots of cream.

And really does seem to hydrate and plump the skin up. My skin feels softer after applying and stays hydrated all day. It can seem a little heavy on the very hot and humid days so I would perhaps avoid using it on those, or maybe just place it on the very dry areas and avoid areas that get oily/sweaty.

It may seem expensive but bearing in mind how little you need and how much product you actually get I don’t think this is too bad at all value wise. Perhaps it’s an idea to see if you can get a small tester or buy the small size bottle prior to investing in the full size bottle just in case it’s not for you.
Overall I’m very happy with this and would recommend to anyone that suffers with dry / dehydrated skin.

I would give 5 out off ***** to a Clinique  Trio


Healthy chocolate banana smoothie

healthy-chocolate-banana-smoothie-lrgOn Monday I received my coupons from Tesco Orchard Club for my new programme Bioglan Superfoods. I love Cacao I have been using it for years but never tried anything from Bioglan range, and never thought actually what are health benefits from it, until now. First impression of Bioglan raw cacao was good, very eye catching packaging, lovely colours, product itself weights 100g at the price of £4.99 which I think it’s a average value, but taking too consideration it’s a Organic product it’s not bad. I found out that raw cocoa it’s an incredible source of antioxidants, magnesium and iron making it incredibly healthy, alternative to the conventional cocoa powder. Raw cocoa is so much richer in flavour than my usual product so even though it may seem more expensive, it really goes much further as you use it much slower than regular cocoa powder. Well I give it a go and made Bioglan raw cocoa and bannanas smoothie for my breakfast, adding semi skinned milk and I am blown away with it, it taste so smooth creamy chocolaty just beautiful. I have been spoilt 8am drinking chocolate banana smoothie and I don’t feel guilty. Thanks for letting me try this fabulous product