From The Beehive



I have used this product for over 2 years and cannot find the words to adequately explain how good it is. I used it for long hard outdoors workouts three times a week to keep my peak performance at optimal levels. Nothing is as healthy and concentrated in super high quality protein and energy so you have less blood used for utilizing it and more blood to keep oxygen levels up. Not all bee products are the same, and the kind you get at the local unmentioned health store just do not work very good at all. Different locations give different pollens to gather. This brand gathers the pollen in pollution free dry desert so it is pure and pollution free. The types of pollen gathered there makes it unique and potent.

Since earliest times, the bee has fascinated man with its examples of industry and organisation, producing the bountiful gifts of honey, royal jelly, bee Pollen and Propolis.
What is BEE POLLEN ?
Is the male fertilising component of plant reproduction. Bees gather and bring it back to their hives for food. Without Pollen, plants, trees and flowers could not exist, even we depend on it.
Bee Pollen provides a wide spectrum of essential nutrients. Each is required to maintain perfect health.
The nutrients in bee Pollen are readily digestible and easy absorbed by the human body. Many people obtain benefit, including athletes who take it for stamina and energy. In addition, bee Pollen has number of specific benefits:
* can help to correct body chemistry and so counteract the effects of food additives and 

* it can desensitise the body, making it a good supplement
*it is also bacteriostatic, suppressing the activity of bacteria and increases the effective elimination of wastes and poisons from the body.
Bee Pollen also contains lecithin, which occurs naturally in all cells. Thus it aids in digestion and the metabolism of fats, and improves the efficiency of immune and nervous system.


Healthy chocolate banana smoothie

healthy-chocolate-banana-smoothie-lrgOn Monday I received my coupons from Tesco Orchard Club for my new programme Bioglan Superfoods. I love Cacao I have been using it for years but never tried anything from Bioglan range, and never thought actually what are health benefits from it, until now. First impression of Bioglan raw cacao was good, very eye catching packaging, lovely colours, product itself weights 100g at the price of £4.99 which I think it’s a average value, but taking too consideration it’s a Organic product it’s not bad. I found out that raw cocoa it’s an incredible source of antioxidants, magnesium and iron making it incredibly healthy, alternative to the conventional cocoa powder. Raw cocoa is so much richer in flavour than my usual product so even though it may seem more expensive, it really goes much further as you use it much slower than regular cocoa powder. Well I give it a go and made Bioglan raw cocoa and bannanas smoothie for my breakfast, adding semi skinned milk and I am blown away with it, it taste so smooth creamy chocolaty just beautiful. I have been spoilt 8am drinking chocolate banana smoothie and I don’t feel guilty. Thanks for letting me try this fabulous product