I received my Orchard Pack to review some of Tesco’s finest chhese. In the Orchard Pack was £3 voucher for myself and 3 £1 vouchers to give to family and friends. I went to Tesco and bought Extra Mature Somerset Cheddar which was free with the voucher. This was the first time I bought Tesco finest product, so we decided to make spicy chicken pizza at home. So I went out again to buy the ingredients for Pizza. To make the Pizza topping we used pre cooked chicken, chillies green and red peppers red onion and coriandee, mozzarella and the mature cheddar. The Pizza turned out delicious!! The cheddar has a lot of flavour not to stong and not to mild, just perfect. My family  loved the extra mature flavour, I will definitely buy this again. I will be making my mum pizza next week when she uses her voucher. The Tesco finest price was not too high as I was expecting. It was a huge hit in our house so I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.

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