Secret scent box 

Secret scent box it is a subscription service where you pay £15 every month and you will receive 3 perfume samples, 3 ml each which will last up  to 30 days using 4 sprays a day.  Each scent is randomly picked. And as I am absolutely obsessed with the perfumes and always looking for new fragrances this service give me a chance to try some great fragrances before making design on my next purchase. 

This month I have received 

W- by Ted Baker 

This is very gentle and sophisticated fragrance which I have never tried before, I don’t know why but it never appealed to me , maybe because of bottle design which is nothing wrong with, but also there is nothing unusual which cought my eye . But going back to the fragrance is very fresh with notes of peony , african violet, pink orchid, raspberry, cedar and vanilla which makes it great day time fragrance especially suitable in spring and summer.  I  was impressed with “W” how lovely and light is but for another hand it doesn’t last all day, I couldn’t smell anything in the evening which is not what I am used to.  Personally I would not buy it just for that practical reason, but if someone is not bothered by the fact that fragrance doesn’t last that long , this could be a lovely daily weare 👍

Amor Amor -by Cacharel 

This is another fragrance i haven’t been able to use before and this is a classic because I have seen it in the shops for many years, and I little bit disappointed with myself that I have never bought it as this is surprisingly great perfume, It’s a fruity floral that’s both fresh and sexy , it makes me feel little bit different , it makes me stand out from the crowd lol and what’s very important for me it does last all day, definitely worth buying it. Well I know I will 😉

Mon Guerlain- by Guerlain 

Oh this is my favourite out of the whole trio, simply because it’s  luxurious,very strong (and I love strong), very feminine and sensual. It makes me feel very special . I will be wearing it on the daily basis and  on the special occasions as well. I couldn’t be more happier with this perfume and absolutely recommend it to other ladies who love little bit of luxury in life 😊


007 – Scent of a Woman

As well as being a member of BzzAgent and Tesco Orchard Club I am also a member of “trend” – its a platform where we as a costumers can get involved in improving products , services from beauty to cars , food and drink , household appliances , mobile phone and holidays .

I got an invite to try and test perfume – 007 for woman  and I have received a 30 ml bottle to try for myself and 20 samples fro friends and family .

First impressions are – I am very curios , I  love bottle design  it has premium feel very classy and comfy to hold in my hand .

The fragrance itself

Has  a unique mix of ingredients that blend feminity with a sense of mystery. It’s a modern interpretation of Oriental fragrance.

Combination of creamy rose milk spiced with black pepper, juicy blackberry lends mouth-watering sweetness, while white jasmine ensures sensuality, before a tempting dry down of vanilla and skin-like musk leaves an unforgettable lasting impression.

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Rose Milk

Heart Notes: Blackberry, White Jasmine

Base Notes: Black Vanilla, White Musk, Cedar wood

I really love this fragrance its a great for the  evening and very long lasting   , but I founded that while wearing it during a day it could be little bit to heavy for my liking , especially on the hot days .

I wish that the lighter – summer version would`ve  been created


About Coco Mademoiselle- Every girl must have

A few  of years ago my  boyfriend bought me a  bottle of COCO Mademoiselle Perfume as part of my Christmas presents . I remember thinking at the time wow….. must have been expensive. You don’t  dare ask when its a gift do you ?!!!. The reason why I was a bit shocked was we had only been together a couple of months. In fact that was a great Christmas, I got spoilt rotten by him.
When I saw the price at first(on my trip to Boots) I didn’t  know whether to frame it or wear it. As I had never had such an expensive perfume before. I only wore it for special occasions like if we went out to dinner or out for a romantic evening.

The smell though was just sooooooo  divine though I found myself wearing it more often, to my boyfriends delight. He couldn’t  stop smelling me lol lol lol. I Also have to admit that I used to get asked “hmmmm what perfume you wearing” when I was out. That always makes you feel good too. My I add not just by females but by men too – bonus if your single 😉


Well like I said before the fragrance smells divine. Coco Mademoiselle is a light, sensual and captivating Eau de Perfume. Sparkling, lively top notes of orange and bergamot. Followed by clear, pure middle notes, with accords of jasmine petals and morning rose. Doesn’t that just sound divine in its self?? Finally, clean notes of patchouli express a discreet sensuality. COCO MADEMOISELLE is a completely new interpretation of COCO.
A modern oriental fragrance, fresh and sensual. Sensual you might say, yes as it drives men wild.


This classy Fragrance is delivered to you in a sheer white box, with back and gold writing. Simple packaging but it doesn’t need to be jazzed up or to have mad colours. The perfume sells itself alone. The bottle comes in two designs depending on the ml you bought.

100ml bottle is a designed in a classic shape with a Chanel typical style lid. The bottle is clear and with gold writing.

50ml bottle is designed in a rectangular style. This bottle is clear, Gold writing and with a White lid.

The colour of the perfume is a slight pink colour, just to make it even more girlie.

*****Products Available*****

This fragrance is available in more than just perfume, which again is wonderful. I didn’t know this till again I was given the Bath gel as another little gift. So now not only could I splash out on perfume but I could have a good old soak in the bath. Breathing in the oriental Fragrance and relaxing…. lets not forget the odd glass of wine just to tip it off now. PEACE.



100ml £69.00 @ Boots
50ml £44.00 @ Boots
35ml £36.50 @ Boots
100ml £68.00 @ The Perfume Shop
50ml £47.50 @ The Perfume Shop
35ml £35.50 @ The Perfume Shop

Bath Gel

200ml £25.00 @ Boots
200ml £24.50 @ The Perfume Shop
This is a creamy colour and cleanses the skin. Leaving the great smell of Coco Mademoiselle behind.


150g £13.00 @ Boots
150g £12.50 @ The Perfume Shop

Deodorant Spray

100ml £18.50 @ The Perfume Shop

So there is a nice range of Coco Mademoiselle, and some of the range is not expensive.

If you are looking for a new fragrance but don’t want a fragrance too heavy then I would highly recommend that you check this out as it is a long lasting, deeply sophisticated perfume that will suit anyone. I still use it to this day, and the men still love it. The only problem is my mother now keeps using it too. The downfall for having such a great fragrance eh?
So go on treat yourself or even better get your husband/Boyfriend to treat you!!!! There will be no disappointments.

Thanks for reading