Lets Get This Party Started

DSC_0505Just before Christmas I received an invitation to another great programme from Tesco Orchard  Club this time for Tesco Party food . And it couldn’t be a better timing , as before Christmas we are all busy buying presents , decorations and last but not least of course food . And I love Christmas but last thing I want to do is spending all day in the kitchen cooking , especially when I have family or friends coming over so I thought if this Tesco Party food will taste good it will save me a lot of time and I can more enjoy spending time with my loved ones . So I was very exited when my coupons has arrived and went to my local Tesco next day , and I was blown away with a choice of Party Food , there is to choose from chilled or frozen section and I think everyone will find something suitable for their table from the Posh pigs in blankets , Bourbon Beef Waffles , Mini steak pies , Butterfly Prawn with mango dipping sauce , Thai Chicken Curry Pastries , Oriental Selection , Mini Strawberry Trifles , Lemon Sherbet bites ,Swiss Chocolate truffle profiteroles , Duck spring rolls , Chinese selection , Honey BBQ  chicken steamed  buns , Indian Selection , Mini Éclairs ,Hog Roast and Apple bites  and much more which I cant even remember because its so many :}

Well after a few minutes of thinking I decided to go for Duck spring rolls , Chinese selection , Honey BBQ  chicken steamed  buns as I thought I have a £4 coupon off my purchase but I want to try few different thing so I bought all three of them which is £2 each but for three I paid £4.50 which is a great value I think .

First one up I decided to try Honey BBQ Chicken steamed buns


10 lovely looking buns , it only took me a 6 minutes steaming from frozen and they are ready to eat , took a bite and I thought the texture of the bun is great is soft and light just melts in my mouth , than the honey bbq chicken comes through and I was little bit disappointed because as much as I love the bun I did not like the flavours of the filling I think is way to sweet all I can taste is Honey , chicken has totally disappeared , but I can see the potential in this product but with less Honey in it , if that will be improved I will definitely try it again .

Next day I have try the Chinese Selection and Duck Spring rolls

DSC_0506     The Chinese selection 18 bites – 6 chicken wontons , 6 vegetable spring rolls , 6 prawn toast . Duck Spring rolls of 14

I have to say I really enjoyed every bite from this Selection the Prawn toast were light , crunchy and full of flavours , s well chicken wontons and spring rolls  , but mine personal favourite is a Duck spring rolls the hoisin sauce flavour its just excellent there is good amount of duck  filling   and I was very impressed that all this crispy treats were none greasy , because I was little bit afraid of that but I was nicely surprised .

After my testing sessions I can honestly say that I really love Tesco Party Food and I do want to try more from this range . Would I recommend Tesco Party Food ? I definitely say YES I would .

Last but not least I have try Tesco Party Food thanks to courtesy of Tesco Orchard Club and Tesco  and I Thank you very much for that :}