Sure compressed – experiment

Couple of weeks ago I joined another BzzAgent campaign , this time I have been sent 2 deodorants antiperspirants in the form of aerosol .

First can of Sure its 250 ml , the second can its a 125 ml can of compressed Sure .

The whole experiment is about comparing both   cans how long they will last , in theory the Sure compressed 125 ml can suppose to last just as long as the big 250 ml can . The main reason behind this is that sure want to reduce amount of packaging and gas they are using to produce the big cans . I have been given instructions to use both cans every day with the difference of use big can under my right arm and than spray Sure compressed under my left arm .


When I first received an invitation to Sure campaign I was very excited because I didn’t have one for a while and also curious about the whole challenge. Recently I have been using roll on Sure deodorant also cotton fresh, but I also used compressed cans of invisible aqua fresh which were very good and effective. Never tryied to compare the big can with compressed until now, but first I want to say how unimpressed I am with effectiveness of the both deodorants, I use them just as I’ve been asked big can under right arm and compressed under left. As soon as I use I the with both of deodorants the gas is so irritating that I can’t breathe I have to hold my breath until I finish my routine otherwise I cough and choke like someone with long problems, after dreadful 20 seconds I can breathe again but I have leave the bathroom. The effectiveness isn’t as good as I was expecting, I work in the busy restaurant and I can’t afford to worry about my smell especially when being in contact with diners, unfortunately Sure has failed to keep me fresh trough my shift and I had to reapply it couple of times while working. If it comes to which can last longer I think in my case probably the big one, because I take compressed deo with me to work its convenient because of the smaller size, and only just after one week of usage I can tell that small can will run out quicker. I can understand why Sure decided to create a compressed can, everybody this days are trying to make a difference to the our Planet earth and it is a beautiful cause but I think that Sure should also concentrate on other aspects of the product like effectiveness and irritating gas.

Another annoying  thing was terrible white powder after use , I am sure there is a way to improve that , because it is not very attractive when you walk around wearing black T-shirt and some white flakes are flying out of your underarms .


  I have done little bit of research on aerosol deodorants and I don’t think in any way they are not harming our environment. Another sad thing I also found out that Unilever which produces Sure does products testing on animals, which for me completely doesn’t seem to make sense on one side they claim that they want to protect environment but on the other hand animals have to suffer from their hands I think this is not Wright my lovely people. If it comes to the experiment which can will last longer in my case the big can wins, my compressed can is almost empty. One big disappointment. Sorry Sure I won’t be using compressed or any aerosol deodorants that’s for sure.


Tesco Healthy living – Beautifuly Balanced Frozen Foods


As a member of Tesco Orchard Club very often I am invited to try new products made by Tesco or sold by Tesco .

 And  today I want to talk about Tesco range of frozen food Beautifully  Balanced .

I have to say when I received my invitation to this programme I was little bit sceptic about the whole frozen meals thing , but I had a second thought and decided to join the programme and find out for myself if is worth buying it in the future , mind the fact I normally cook from scratch for my family but I think is always good to have something in the case of emergency in the freezer , So I received coupons through the post went to my local Tesco   on the mission to find my potential best friend , and I did . First caught my attention Healthy Living Wholegrain Fusillil Spinach And Cheese Sauce. I love spinach so I was very happy there is a choice of that in frozen range . For 800g you pay £2 I think this is very cheap what  you get anyway ,  The whole meal takes about 10 minuets to prep , I cooked it in the pan but you can also use microwave oven .

 When I tasted it I thought this is fantastic , wholegrain pasta lots of spinach , Cherry Tomato, Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, it makes colourful plate , the cheese sauce is not to strong just ads lovely creaminess to the whole mix .I really enjoyed this pasta dish I would definitely highly recommended to anyone no matter what age even my 2 year old fussy eater loved it .

Half of the pack (400g) contains

  • Energy

    , 19%of your GDA

  • Fat

    6.7g, 10%of your GDA

  • Saturates

    4.5g, 23%of your GDA

  • Sugars

    12.2g, 14%of your GDA

  • Salt

    1.1g, 18%

My next choice from Beautifully Balanced range was  Oriental Whole Food Mix 500G this cost a £1.50

 This vegetable mix with grains and cashew nuts in a sesame and soy dressing.

oriental wholefood with cashew nuts taste just great , as soon as I opened the bag the smell came out and made my mouth watering before I even started cooking , with this veg mix I decided to ad some vegetarian chicken , but I tell you anything will go with it . The whole dish  is packed with amazing oriental flavours , for me it tasted just like takeaway  but none greasy , and I did not feel guilty after I licked my plate . But what I like about this product is there is lots of veg inside like Carrot, Broccoli, Soya Bean, Red Pepper, Babycorn and Cooked Bulgur and of course cashew nuts which I love , I am also impressed how well is spiced , I don’t like spicy food at all but this has a perfect heat to it .

One portion contains

  • Energy

    , 7%of your GDA

  • Fat

    4.8g, 7%of your GDA

  • Saturates

    0.9g, 5%of your GDA

  • Sugars

    4.5g, 5%of your GDA

  • Salt

    0.2g, 3%

Overall I am very happy that I decided to join Tesco Orchard programme , this has changed my hole perspective on frozen meals . Frozen   doesn’t  always means processed and unhealthy , it can make your meals  interesting and quick to prepare , meal which whole family will enjoy together .

2015-10-29_13.11.31# GotItfree thanks to courtesy of @Tesco and @Tesco Orchard Club

Kiss The Moon – GLOW After Dark Face Oil


Recently I have received an Glow after dark face oil  With  Orange , Geranium , Myrrh and Litsea to try  bottle  of 3 ml .

I never used face oils before because I thought it will be to greasy for my type of skin , but to mine surprise is quiet light and absorbs very quick into the skin .

The promised benefits from using this golden liquid is to help you relax and to nourish your skin and your soul while you sleep , provide vitamins your skin  needs to stay radiant .

All that promise I thought I will give it a go , so I have put  few drops of the magic oil on my  face and massage gently , the first thing I noticed was the smell , it is citrusy but very herby in the same time , I wasn’t sure if I like that . the texture its light and get absorbed very nicely into my skin . That it easy routine and I am off to bed , lie down next to my partner and he says why your face smell like scented candle ? I said its an magic oil I am using now be quiet and let me relax :}

The  strong herby smell faded after 20 minutes and I have to say that it did help me relax,  probably breathing essential oils while in comfy bed helped a lot  . Now I have been using Glow for a week and I do feel very refreshed when I wake up in the morning , my skin is very soft and smooth .

The oil itself is 100% Natural

Not tested on Animals

Made in England

I would Highly recommend this product especially to Ladies and Gents with dry skin   , Price for a 30 ml you pay £48 is not cheap but I think is worth it .