007 – Scent of a Woman

As well as being a member of BzzAgent and Tesco Orchard Club I am also a member of “trend” – its a platform where we as a costumers can get involved in improving products , services from beauty to cars , food and drink , household appliances , mobile phone and holidays .

I got an invite to try and test perfume – 007 for woman  and I have received a 30 ml bottle to try for myself and 20 samples fro friends and family .

First impressions are – I am very curios , I  love bottle design  it has premium feel very classy and comfy to hold in my hand .

The fragrance itself

Has  a unique mix of ingredients that blend feminity with a sense of mystery. It’s a modern interpretation of Oriental fragrance.

Combination of creamy rose milk spiced with black pepper, juicy blackberry lends mouth-watering sweetness, while white jasmine ensures sensuality, before a tempting dry down of vanilla and skin-like musk leaves an unforgettable lasting impression.

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Rose Milk

Heart Notes: Blackberry, White Jasmine

Base Notes: Black Vanilla, White Musk, Cedar wood

I really love this fragrance its a great for the  evening and very long lasting   , but I founded that while wearing it during a day it could be little bit to heavy for my liking , especially on the hot days .

I wish that the lighter – summer version would`ve  been created


Getting Fruity with Alberto


Its great to be an BzzAgent  , This time I was invited to Alberto Balsam campaign trio of shampoo , conditioner and detangler . This is a new design from Alberto Balsam collection , I am not sure about the price because so far I have not seen this products in the shops and I looked in Boots and Supermarkets , but as far as I remember Alberto Balsam products were never very expensive I used to pay £1 for bottle of shampoo   I think that’s very cheap .

My first impression of the a Alberto Balsam trio was wonderful, such a classic well designed bottles, I love the bright colours on the white background . As a first I tried shampoo, and I have to say I am impressed, the texture it’s thick and creamy but easy enough to extract the liquid, as soon as I spread shampoo all-over my hair the lovely fragrance is realised very sweet and fruity with little bit of zest I love it. The shampoo foams beautifully which gives me a feeling that it gets everywhere leaving my hair nice and clean. It easy to rinse off and my hair are soft and clean after styling they last at least 2  days, and  they smell great 👍

After using the matching conditioner which also has a lovely camellia and orange scent I pour a large dollop of the quite thick cream into the palm of my hand. The orange scent is quite evident and I enjoy the fruity fragrance as I massage it through my hair and leave it to work for a couple of minutes. It smooth’s  easily through my hair and it also easily washed out leaving the fruity fragrance behind. My opinion. After use my hair feels much softer and looks healthy and shiny and remains so for about two days after which it gets washed again. I wish the fragrance stayed a little longer as the next day it has gone but my hair still feels good. I think this is a good conditioner that doesn’t promise to change your world but gives you soft and shiny hair with colour boost . I would definitely recommend Alberto Balsam conditioner to anyone who loves fruity feeling . 5 out of 5 stars from me .

Next one up is detangler

I have to say, the smell of this product is a mixed blessing and curse. It’s a very sweet, perhaps slightly to sweet its defiantly stronger than shampoo and conditioner . I don’t particularly mind the smell on his own , but it does linger on the hair and clashes with many of my favourite perfumes. I find that three or four squirts on the hair is enough to enable the brush to glide through much more smoothly with much less snagging and pulling on the brush. I do find I have less hair breakage when using this than I do with just brushing alone . I find as well as working well for detangling, it does leave my hair feeling slightly softer throughout the day, without weighing it down, although it can make my hair feel a little lank and greasy if I’m heavy handed in the application, and it doesn’t really do anything to add shine, reduce frizz or to condition my hair in any way. This is a decent product for detangling , but would be even better if there were other benefits from it like for example detangling and conditioning at the same time .

Personally I don’t think detangler is the product I will be buying in the future I just don’t see the point , but I really  love  shampoo and conditioner .

Smoked mackerel with lentils


I absolutely love Mackerel , and I think people don’t eat enough of it , as soon  I found this recipe I`ve made it and I assure you its delicious , I normally eat it for my lunch but it can be served as a starter or light supper , and this is what you need :


  • 2 pears, cored and sliced into thin wedges
  • 85g watercress
  • 150g Juniper and Black Pepper, Beetroot quartered
  • 2 x 160g  piri piri smoked mackerel, skinned and flaked
  • 2 oranges, peeled and segmented
  • 150g of green lentils
  • 20g of butter

For the dressing:

  • 2 tbsp.  creamed horseradish
  • 1 orange, juice only
  • 3 tbsp.  olive oil
  1. Bring a pan of water to the boil and add the lentils. Cook for 20-25 minutes until tender. Drain well and refresh under cold running water.
  2. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a non-stick frying pan and fry the pear slices on each side until golden.
  3. Toss the cooked lentils with the watercress, cooked pears, beetroot, mackerel and orange segments. Pile on to a serving platter.
  4. Whisk together the ingredients for the dressing and drizzle it over the salad before serving.



Green Pasta


I love this Pasta recipe , its light its fresh I cant get enough of it :}

You need  :
Tagliatelle  – 250 g
Fresh Spinach – 200 g
Fresh garden peas  – 200 g
Pumpkin seeds – 3 tbs.
Grated  parmesan – 50g
Garlic – 2 cloves
Olive oil – 4 tbs.
Fresh parsley – handful
Salt and pepper 

Method :
Cook pasta until soft .Wash spinach ,Cut off the hard stamps and leave it do dry on the kitchen towel . On the frying pan heat up 2 tbs. of olive oil ,and we are chopping the garlic and we frying it very gently .Than we add spinach and garden peas and frying until soft .when everything is cooked we move it into the blender .Using the same pan toast pumpkin seeds until golden then also ad them to the blender .Add 2tbs.of olive oil ,season with salt and pepper and blend until smooth .Ready smooth paste, mix with cooked pasta ,put it on the plate sprinkle over with parmesan cheese , chopped parsley and  garden peas .


About Coco Mademoiselle- Every girl must have

A few  of years ago my  boyfriend bought me a  bottle of COCO Mademoiselle Perfume as part of my Christmas presents . I remember thinking at the time wow….. must have been expensive. You don’t  dare ask when its a gift do you ?!!!. The reason why I was a bit shocked was we had only been together a couple of months. In fact that was a great Christmas, I got spoilt rotten by him.
When I saw the price at first(on my trip to Boots) I didn’t  know whether to frame it or wear it. As I had never had such an expensive perfume before. I only wore it for special occasions like if we went out to dinner or out for a romantic evening.

The smell though was just sooooooo  divine though I found myself wearing it more often, to my boyfriends delight. He couldn’t  stop smelling me lol lol lol. I Also have to admit that I used to get asked “hmmmm what perfume you wearing” when I was out. That always makes you feel good too. My I add not just by females but by men too – bonus if your single 😉


Well like I said before the fragrance smells divine. Coco Mademoiselle is a light, sensual and captivating Eau de Perfume. Sparkling, lively top notes of orange and bergamot. Followed by clear, pure middle notes, with accords of jasmine petals and morning rose. Doesn’t that just sound divine in its self?? Finally, clean notes of patchouli express a discreet sensuality. COCO MADEMOISELLE is a completely new interpretation of COCO.
A modern oriental fragrance, fresh and sensual. Sensual you might say, yes as it drives men wild.


This classy Fragrance is delivered to you in a sheer white box, with back and gold writing. Simple packaging but it doesn’t need to be jazzed up or to have mad colours. The perfume sells itself alone. The bottle comes in two designs depending on the ml you bought.

100ml bottle is a designed in a classic shape with a Chanel typical style lid. The bottle is clear and with gold writing.

50ml bottle is designed in a rectangular style. This bottle is clear, Gold writing and with a White lid.

The colour of the perfume is a slight pink colour, just to make it even more girlie.

*****Products Available*****

This fragrance is available in more than just perfume, which again is wonderful. I didn’t know this till again I was given the Bath gel as another little gift. So now not only could I splash out on perfume but I could have a good old soak in the bath. Breathing in the oriental Fragrance and relaxing…. lets not forget the odd glass of wine just to tip it off now. PEACE.



100ml £69.00 @ Boots
50ml £44.00 @ Boots
35ml £36.50 @ Boots
100ml £68.00 @ The Perfume Shop
50ml £47.50 @ The Perfume Shop
35ml £35.50 @ The Perfume Shop

Bath Gel

200ml £25.00 @ Boots
200ml £24.50 @ The Perfume Shop
This is a creamy colour and cleanses the skin. Leaving the great smell of Coco Mademoiselle behind.


150g £13.00 @ Boots
150g £12.50 @ The Perfume Shop

Deodorant Spray

100ml £18.50 @ The Perfume Shop

So there is a nice range of Coco Mademoiselle, and some of the range is not expensive.

If you are looking for a new fragrance but don’t want a fragrance too heavy then I would highly recommend that you check this out as it is a long lasting, deeply sophisticated perfume that will suit anyone. I still use it to this day, and the men still love it. The only problem is my mother now keeps using it too. The downfall for having such a great fragrance eh?
So go on treat yourself or even better get your husband/Boyfriend to treat you!!!! There will be no disappointments.

Thanks for reading


Clinique Perfect Trio

The Clinique Liquid Facial Soap is Step 1 in their “3-Step” skincare range and is basically designed to cleanse your face and prep your skin for the use of the other 2 Products in the cycle. This cleanser is available in different “types” according to your skin type (as with most Clinique Products) these are;

Extra Mild (Skin Type 1)
Mild (Skin Type 1 & 2)
Oily (Skin Type 3 & 4)

Personally I opted for the Mild type as parts of my skin are Oily but I also have areas that are quite dry. Considering this Facial wash is quite expensive compared to what I normally spend on Beauty Products, I was hoping for the best results possible to get my money’s worth.

The bottle has a “Press Pump” lid which you do have to pump a few times when you first use it to get the Liquid up to the top of the bottle. My first time using this I think I applied a little too much to my hands so when I was washing my face with the Liquid combined with Water my face was extremely bubble and soapy! So you really do only need a small amount because this products lathers really well, which is great because it means it lasts longer!

The Liquid has such a Clean and Fresh smell and the smell stays on your face too so I felt really cleansed and fresh after using it. I truly felt as though my face had had a Deep clean with all imperfections removed, I was impressed. Most importantly though, this didn’t dry my skin out and make it feel as though it had been stripped of its natural moisture.

I can honestly say that this Facial Soap along with the 2 other products in the range (Clarifying Lotion & Moisturiser) are the best products I’ve used on my face, they are worth the extra money and I actually find they last me quite a while before I need to buy them again.

The 200ml bottle if this Cleanser is £13 but you can get the set with all 3 Products which will usually cost a bit less than buying all 3 separately.

The Clinique Clarifying Lotion is another product in the “3-Step” skincare range and this product is “Step 2”. The idea is to use this lotion after cleansing your face and before applying moisturiser. The lotion was developed by Clinique’s own Dermatologists to help “de-flake” dry skin which in theory will make your moisturiser work better and your skin even smoother.

I used a ball of cotton wool to sweep the lotion all over my face, only in moderation though because I found that if I used too much of the lotion the Chemically smell was very strong and even stung my face a little bit. The lotion does come out of the bottle quite fast so you need to be careful when pouring it out, because I only used a smell amount of this each day the lotion lasted me quite a long time.

I have to say I was impressed with the smoothness of my skin after using this, there was a noticeable difference after applying this compared to when I just apply my moisturiser only. In effect it is making the job of the moisturiser a lot easier as a lot of the dryness and flakiness of your skin is already improved by this lotion. I also found that the lotion had similar effects to a Toner, the colour and tone of my skin was a lot more even and much less blotchy which was a bonus.

There are different “Numbers” of this lotion available such as Number 1 – for very Dry skin and this one Number 2 – for dry combination skin (perfect for me since my skin has a combination of textures). Overall I was impressed with this products as long as I didn’t apply too much at one it was very gentle on my skin.

The 200ml bottle is £14
The 400ml bottle is £23

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ is the third step in the Clinique skincare plan. The products are now available in different types/strengths according to your skin type.  for mine combination skin, tight and uncomfortable around the cheek area and comfortable around the t-zone, and use strength 2/mild products.

What I particularly like about this moisturiser is the pump dispenser which is so much nicer to use than dipping your fingers in and out of pots of cream.

And really does seem to hydrate and plump the skin up. My skin feels softer after applying and stays hydrated all day. It can seem a little heavy on the very hot and humid days so I would perhaps avoid using it on those, or maybe just place it on the very dry areas and avoid areas that get oily/sweaty.

It may seem expensive but bearing in mind how little you need and how much product you actually get I don’t think this is too bad at all value wise. Perhaps it’s an idea to see if you can get a small tester or buy the small size bottle prior to investing in the full size bottle just in case it’s not for you.
Overall I’m very happy with this and would recommend to anyone that suffers with dry / dehydrated skin.

I would give 5 out off ***** to a Clinique  Trio


Fish, Fish, Fish

Some of the most healthy nations in the world consume a huge amount of fish. In UK, though, I don’t think we eat enough fish or do enough to promote it,  especially when you consider that we live on the island. I think there are two major factors: 1 – that people can often be too scared to have a go at cooking fish, 2- is that fish isn’t sold fresh enough. When it comes to buying fish it’s very simple :if it smells of the sea and looks nice and shiny and beautiful,  than you should want to buy it.
I really want to encourage you all to eat more oily fish as it’s so good for you. Oily fish like ( salmon, fresh tuna, herrings, kippers, mackerel and sardines)  provide a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. These omega oils are crucial for keeping us healthy – they not only help to protect our hearts, but also help prevent strokes and some forms of cancer,  as well helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Some research even suggest that omega 3 can improve kids concentration, moods and behaviour. 
And please don’t think that non oily fish without omega oils, such as plaice and haddock,  are off the menu. They contain high levels of proteins vitamins and minerals, and are very good for you. 

I love being a BzzAgent


What do I do up to in my spare time between nappy changing and looking after Alex  ?

Well,  I’m a BzzAgent.

What is a BzzAgent ?

it’s a brilliant way of getting to try out lots of products  for free.  All products are from big name brands; including some of the largest companies in the world.

And you can also share the experience with your friends and family  as you also get vouchers and special offers to pass around.

Then you get to give your honest opinion about the great stuff you try and influence brands with your feedback.

BzzAgent is free to join and membership is currently available in the UK, USA  I am not sure about other countries , you would`ve have to check that out .

It takes just a couple of minutes and anyone age 13 and over can sign up for an account,

Once you’ve set up your account, the next thing you’ll be invited to do is to complete a few quick surveys about your life style , likes and dislikes .

This is necessary  because you  will be matched with campaigns which suit your preferences .

It can take a while initially to be offered your first invite to a campaign but once you are, you’ll be given the chance to try out a product.

Usually, you’ll also be sent some accompanying documents to give you some helpful talking points and also offers to share with your friends .

Once you’ve tried the product, then get people talking about it on social networking sites  and your blog and through face-to-face conversations; remembering to always disclose you’re a BzzAgent.

I’ve already tried a wide variety of stuff like Google Cromecast , Arla Protein  yogurts , Air Wick air fresheners, Jacobs Cracker crisps ,  Robinsons  Fruit Shoot none added sugar ,  and now just started new one on Alberto Balsam Hair range – shampoo , conditioner and detangler .

After you’ve tried a product, discussed it with your friends and colleagues then you need to report back on what you and they thought about it.

You need to give your honest opinion. It’s not about always giving positive feedback. If you didn’t like a product you need to say so!

You get to write reviews, give BzzReports on what other people have said, share photos and videos and update all of your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter throughout every campaign you join.

Each review, Tweet, Facebook share, video or BzzReport you provide is reviewed by the BzzAgent team and given a grading.

Based on these gradings, you get an overall BzzScore out of 10. This helps to determine how often you get invited to BzzCampaigns and to how many.

So, if you write reviews, share photos and videos and update your friends and followers throughout every campaign you join, you’re more likely to maintain a high score.

If you join a campaign and don’t participate then your overall score’s going to take a hit and it may be a while until you get invited to another

After all of that what do you get

It’s free  to sign up;

  • You get to try loads of cool products and services, completely free;
  • You can share deals and special offers with your friends and family ;
  • You get to influence some top brands with your feedback {which I love the most );

Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15- your skin, but even better!

22895863Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15 is a natural looking liquid foundation with sun protection, which has a decent coverage and helps to even out skin tone.

The website states:
New Even Better Foundation SPF15 oil free formula, a powerful foundation developed to help combat hyper-pigmentation and deliver brighter skin, both immediately and over time. Includes treatment benefits to help even skin tone and SPF protection to help prevent future hyper-pigmentation. Provides moderate to full coverage, leaving skin instantly perfected with a unique mineral blend. Skin Types: All Skin Types
Formula: Liquid
Coverage: Moderate to Full
Benefits: Anti-aging, Covers or treats uneven skin tone, Mineral enriched, Long wearing
Concern: Uneven Skin Tone                                                                                                                                                            This foundation is not by any means cheap, it costs £25.00 for 30ml (£70.00 for 100ml). In my opinion however, it is  totally worth it!. I have used this product for about a year. The packaging is classy and I especially like the nozzle-like top, which helps control the amount your pour out.
The first thing I noticed was the consistency. Not too thick and heavy, but not runny and light either.
When I put it on I was amazed!. The makeup helps my skin achieve a flawless look,  I do not have any wrinkles or fine lines, so I do not know if it settles in them or covers them.  The finish is slightly dewy and very skin-like, making it look natural. It’s like your skin- but even better!  Its very easy to remove , with facial wipes or make up remover .
It did not break me out, or clog my pores,  it lasts all day. I apply at 7am, powder re-touch at about 3:30pm, then it stays pretty much flawless until I remove it at about 9pm.     A natural looking, non-irritating, and non-comedogenic liquid foundation which may help even out skin tone over time, but certainly covers well. A flawless finish and worth the price.
If you think this may be for you, go to the Clinique counter ( I went to Debenhams and they were lovely )  for some advice. Ask them if Even Better would suit your skin, and suggest a small sample to try. They’re always there to help you out.

Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Care for Dry Skin

Affordable skincare that works .   I bought this product as my post pregnancy parched skin was not responding well to anything else I had in my skincare arsenal, including some really expensive French pharmacy brands.

At £2.99 from Savers I was not really expecting much. After the first application my skin started to feel much better – less painful and dry. After 7 day’s of continuous use (2-3 times a day) my skin started to recover and my forehead stopped looking like an old piece of leather. Although hydration is instant, it is not lasting even thought the box says 24hr hydration – hence my numerous applications.

The product is a delicately rose scented white crème jelly which comes in a 50ml light pink jar with a white lid. It is fast absorbing and does not leave an oily residue.

This is a great little product if you have dry skin, but if you have really dry skin this will only be a temporary solution. If you do have ultra dry skin and want a great pocket friendly solution – then Garnier’s Nourish+ Daily Rich moisturiser  is the product you want.

All in all, Essentials Hydrating Day Care is a solid product which does what it says on the box.

Will repurchase.