As a member of Tesco Orchard Club very often I am invited to try new products made by Tesco or sold by Tesco .

 And  today I want to talk about Tesco range of frozen food Beautifully  Balanced .

I have to say when I received my invitation to this programme I was little bit sceptic about the whole frozen meals thing , but I had a second thought and decided to join the programme and find out for myself if is worth buying it in the future , mind the fact I normally cook from scratch for my family but I think is always good to have something in the case of emergency in the freezer , So I received coupons through the post went to my local Tesco   on the mission to find my potential best friend , and I did . First caught my attention Healthy Living Wholegrain Fusillil Spinach And Cheese Sauce. I love spinach so I was very happy there is a choice of that in frozen range . For 800g you pay £2 I think this is very cheap what  you get anyway ,  The whole meal takes about 10 minuets to prep , I cooked it in the pan but you can also use microwave oven .

 When I tasted it I thought this is fantastic , wholegrain pasta lots of spinach , Cherry Tomato, Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, it makes colourful plate , the cheese sauce is not to strong just ads lovely creaminess to the whole mix .I really enjoyed this pasta dish I would definitely highly recommended to anyone no matter what age even my 2 year old fussy eater loved it .

Half of the pack (400g) contains

  • Energy

    , 19%of your GDA

  • Fat

    6.7g, 10%of your GDA

  • Saturates

    4.5g, 23%of your GDA

  • Sugars

    12.2g, 14%of your GDA

  • Salt

    1.1g, 18%

My next choice from Beautifully Balanced range was  Oriental Whole Food Mix 500G this cost a £1.50

 This vegetable mix with grains and cashew nuts in a sesame and soy dressing.

oriental wholefood with cashew nuts taste just great , as soon as I opened the bag the smell came out and made my mouth watering before I even started cooking , with this veg mix I decided to ad some vegetarian chicken , but I tell you anything will go with it . The whole dish  is packed with amazing oriental flavours , for me it tasted just like takeaway  but none greasy , and I did not feel guilty after I licked my plate . But what I like about this product is there is lots of veg inside like Carrot, Broccoli, Soya Bean, Red Pepper, Babycorn and Cooked Bulgur and of course cashew nuts which I love , I am also impressed how well is spiced , I don’t like spicy food at all but this has a perfect heat to it .

One portion contains

  • Energy

    , 7%of your GDA

  • Fat

    4.8g, 7%of your GDA

  • Saturates

    0.9g, 5%of your GDA

  • Sugars

    4.5g, 5%of your GDA

  • Salt

    0.2g, 3%

Overall I am very happy that I decided to join Tesco Orchard programme , this has changed my hole perspective on frozen meals . Frozen   doesn’t  always means processed and unhealthy , it can make your meals  interesting and quick to prepare , meal which whole family will enjoy together .

2015-10-29_13.11.31# GotItfree thanks to courtesy of @Tesco and @Tesco Orchard Club


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