Affordable skincare that works .   I bought this product as my post pregnancy parched skin was not responding well to anything else I had in my skincare arsenal, including some really expensive French pharmacy brands.

At £2.99 from Savers I was not really expecting much. After the first application my skin started to feel much better – less painful and dry. After 7 day’s of continuous use (2-3 times a day) my skin started to recover and my forehead stopped looking like an old piece of leather. Although hydration is instant, it is not lasting even thought the box says 24hr hydration – hence my numerous applications.

The product is a delicately rose scented white crème jelly which comes in a 50ml light pink jar with a white lid. It is fast absorbing and does not leave an oily residue.

This is a great little product if you have dry skin, but if you have really dry skin this will only be a temporary solution. If you do have ultra dry skin and want a great pocket friendly solution – then Garnier’s Nourish+ Daily Rich moisturiser  is the product you want.

All in all, Essentials Hydrating Day Care is a solid product which does what it says on the box.

Will repurchase.


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