healthy-chocolate-banana-smoothie-lrgOn Monday I received my coupons from Tesco Orchard Club for my new programme Bioglan Superfoods. I love Cacao I have been using it for years but never tried anything from Bioglan range, and never thought actually what are health benefits from it, until now. First impression of Bioglan raw cacao was good, very eye catching packaging, lovely colours, product itself weights 100g at the price of £4.99 which I think it’s a average value, but taking too consideration it’s a Organic product it’s not bad. I found out that raw cocoa it’s an incredible source of antioxidants, magnesium and iron making it incredibly healthy, alternative to the conventional cocoa powder. Raw cocoa is so much richer in flavour than my usual product so even though it may seem more expensive, it really goes much further as you use it much slower than regular cocoa powder. Well I give it a go and made Bioglan raw cocoa and bannanas smoothie for my breakfast, adding semi skinned milk and I am blown away with it, it taste so smooth creamy chocolaty just beautiful. I have been spoilt 8am drinking chocolate banana smoothie and I don’t feel guilty. Thanks for letting me try this fabulous product

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